What Technologies Are Used In Bulletproof Cars?

With the increased level of threat and violence, many people are considering to take the help of armored cars while traveling from one placed to another. Usually, customers who prefer to travel in bulletproof cars are not normal citizens like you or me. They are important people of the society and country.

For example, those who prefer to travel in bulletproof vehicles are important dignitaries, ambassadors, celebrities, and so on. They need to travel in bulletproof vehicles even more because they remain the subject of attacks and assaults of terror groups. Thus, in order to remain safe from all kinds of danger, armored cars is the best bet.

Use of Bulletproof Vehicles

 Nowadays, the use of bulletproof vehicles is considered to be very crucial than before. The rise of deadly weapons has increased the demand of bulletproof vehicles. Many manufacturing companies are coming up with armored cars that can protect the occupants from any kind of assaults like grenade attack or bullet shots.

If you are a VIP or a celebrity, you may not know that your enemies are looking for opportunities to attack you. If you don’t armor your vehicle properly, you give them an open invitation for attack. However, even if you don’t have bulletproof cars by your side, you can easily modify your normal or luxurious car into a bulletproof one.  After all, a bulletproof car can provide you the much needed protection and privacy from the prying eyes.

bulletproof cars

Technologies Used In Bulletproof Cars

 If you are planning to transform your normal car into a bulletproof one, you need to learn about the technologies involved in it. While taking the help of a professional expert is always mandatory so that the task of armoring a vehicle is done in correct way. Professionals can guide with the materials that needs to be used for improving security.

Body: Right from the body to the walls and ceilings of bulletproof cars is made up of galvanized and stainless steel. Using these materials can improve the longevity of the vehicle. The steel is hardened in order to make it bullet resistant and safe from corrosion. For this, the steel is usually treated with high heat.

Engine: Focus is placed on strengthening the front bumper of the car. Basically, the metal is strengthened so that it can remove obstacles and barriers.  It tries to prevent bullets from affecting the internals of the engine.

Windows and Glass: The window of bulletproof cars is made up of ballistic glass. The thicker the glass, better level of protection it can provide. Basically, the area where the glass meets the frame is shored. Normal glass is mixed with polycarbonate in order to make it strong and bulletproof.

Tires: Run-flat tire system is usually installed in bulletproof vehicles. Even when the air pressure gets reduced, weight of the vehicle gets transferred to the horseshoe shaped inserts. It is responsible for keeping the car moving at a high speed. It moves away the occupants safely.

If you want to remain protected from the threats of the imperfect world, going for bulletproof cars would be the best solution. An armored vehicle can protect important personnel’s and their loved ones from any kind or threats.