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Car owners often face this question. Most car owners will feel that car insurance policy offered by Downtown car rental agencies is just a way to suck money. However, some simply don’t agree with this view. Opting for a car insurance policy offered by the rental agencies is important if their insurance cover don’t work in other places.


Opting Out Car Insurance Provided By Car Rentals

While car insurance might be a necessity, but car insurance policy offered by car rental companies is absolutely waste of money. Most credit cards include car insurance policy. Hence, customers should strictly deny the insurance at the service desk of the car rental agency itself.

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Being Careful

Even if you deny the car insurance that is being provided by the car rental agency, you need to double check few things. Saying No to the Downtown car rental can seem to be an easy task; however, one needs to remain assured of the fact whether they are really covered or not.

Often travels might feel confident that they are covered by their credit card. However, even if they are covered, they might not know for what things they are covered. Usually, the credit card providers offering car insurance included the card owner’s personal car as well as rental cars. Hence, even if the rental car faces any damage or theft or collision, the car insurance policy will look after it.

With credit card covers car insurance, there is no need to pay again for car insurance program. So those who don’t want to waste their hard-earned money should opt out of the insurance.

However, one thing which should be kept in mind that not all credit card membership covers a rental car. Hence, before opting for any reputed Downtown car rental agency, one should check if their card membership covers the car insurance. Usually, regular card holders don’t get covered for rental car insurance. This is when one might need to buy car insurance from the rental agency.

Things to Look For

The different factors which need to be looked into:

  • Checking the Limits

Even if the credit card covers Downtown car rental, one should go through the policy in details. In case, if it doesn’t have personal car insurance coverage, one might need to get insurance.


  • Country Traveling

Sometimes the insurance policy might not be applicable to vehicles rented outside Canada. One should check if the credit card company provides cover outside the continent.

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  • Vehicle Type

The coverage gets affected based on the type of vehicle one rents. One should check if the insurance provided by the Downtown car rental or the credit card company’s cover the chosen vehicle.


  • Road Travelled

Rental companies might restrict the use of their vehicles on some roads. Even after having car insurance it can be abandoned if it is driven on the unpaved road. Hence, a credit card company won’t deny insurance if the rental car is driven on well-maintained road.

Once you know the credit card policy in details, coming to a decision becomes easy. With loaded information, making right judgment becomes easy.