The Different Mechanisms of an Armored Bulletproof Car

Posted by: | Posted on: December 5, 2016
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These days, armored cars have become rather popular even among the civilian population. These cars have an extensive list of features that have been designed to ensure that the occupants inside remain safe in dangerous conditions. Of course, the extent of protection offered by the armored bulletproof car depends greatly on the quality of the armor used among other features. As such, it is a good idea to get an understanding of the mechanisms and features present in such vehicles if you are planning to buy one.

The Armor

Armor is placed in various locations in the car depending on the level of protection desired. Be that as it may, there are a few basic areas in which armor is always applied. The doors will feature armor certainly. The hood of the car will feature the same. For best results, the entire body will be armored. This involves creating an entirely new body with the armor material.

The material chosen depends on the level of protection required. Kevlar is certainly a choice but there are better materials such as ballistic steel and composite armor. The material will determine how resistant the armor is. Basic armor can protect the car against small arms bullet fire. The best materials can provide protection against grenades and other similar weapons.

The Glass

Of course, the glass sections of the car will have to be reinforced in order to ensure protection. As such, all the window panes and windshields of the car will be replaced with a toughened glass material. Bulletproof glass is often used. Another material used is Lexan. The materials can ensure that the glass provides protection against most kinds of bullets and guns. More importantly, it allows the driver to retain visibility even when attacked.

bulletproof car

The Wheels

It is important for the armored car to use special wheels. The wheels must be strong enough to bear the weight of the car. After all, armoring the car adds a lot of weight. In fact, bulletproof glass itself is around 10 times that of regular glass. Moreover, the wheels should keep functioning even in difficult conditions such as rough terrain. After all, the driver should be able to keep driving no matter what the road conditions are.

Of course, the wheels are designed to be bulletproof. As such, they are constructed from tough materials that can withstand a lot of pressure. Run-flat tires are typically used so that the car can still be driven even if one or more wheels lose their air pressure.


The Engine

An armored car will generally feature a powerful engine. After all, the engine needs to provide enough power for the heavy car to move. An armored car will be significantly heavier than an unarmored car of the same make. As such, the engine has to be a powerful one. It is also possible to reinforce the engine block with armor to prevent it from being damaged in an attack.

As you can see, a car has to undergo a major transformation in order to be fully armored. Of course, the changes have to be made by a professional and licensed company.